Godparent Form

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Each godparent or Christian witness candidate must fill out a separate godparent form.
"Godparent" is a distinctive role within the Catholic Church. According to this role, godparents promise to help the parents raise their child, who is being baptized, in the Catholic faith. The parents are the primary religious educators of their own children, and godparents assist them in this role. Because of this task that godparents promise to fulfill, they need to be practicing Catholics, who are in good standing with the Church. This is why the Church has criteria for godparents. Additionally, it is best that godparents have a regular presence in the child's life. Within the family, godparents may have other roles that the Church does not define.

"Christian witnesses" take on a role similar to godparents within the family, but do not meet the Catholic criteria to be considered true godparents.

Both godparents and Christian witnesses are official witnesses so, they must be present at the baptism. The names of both will be recorded in the official baptism record of the child. A Christian winesses will be noted specifically as a "Christian witnesses."

+ I am at least sixteen years old

+ I have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist in the Catholic Church.

+ I am EITHER unmarried OR my marriage is recognized by the Catholic Church. ('Recognized by the Church': This typically means that you were married in a Catholic Church, had a Catholic priest or deacon present at your marriage as an official witness of the Catholic Church, and/or had your marriage blessed (convalidated) in the Catholic Church.)

+ I attend Mass regularly, and have an active sacramental life.

+ I am neither the father nor the mother of the child being baptized.
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+ I have been baptized in water by another person in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

(Those being baptized must have at least one true godparent.)
Dates for the celebration of baptism cannot be set until at least one godparent form (for a true godparent) has been submitted to the Parish Office.


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